Work // Child Soldiers in Yemen

10th March 2018

Package for CNN International on a group of children who are on a rehabilitation program, after they were used as child soldiers by Houthi rebels.


Work // On Yemen’s Frontline in Marib

1st March 2018

CNN’s Nic Robertson asked me to accompany him on a special trip to Marib, Yemen to get a grip on the war’s eastern front.

After leaving the country in 2014, it’s pained me to sit out most of the war in the country. Our team arrived in Marib in the back of two Saudi military Black Hawks, which flew us into Yemen accompanied by a detail of special forces and two apache helicopters to accompany us over the desert between the two countries.

As we landed, it felt a little bit like coming home. The small Emirati base that we touched down on was little more than a concrete helicopter pad surrounded by a narrow perimeter of Hesco barriers.